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Virtue can be judged by how people treat words. People of honor hold fast to meanings of words even when they miscalculate what is required under them or when it harms their cause. Dishonorable people tend to hold rigid or fluid meanings to suit their interests. In other words, when another person does not hold up their end of a bargain with him, he will adamantly demand justice with a strict construction of the agreement. However, when he is deficient in his end of a bargain or wants something that goes against an agreement, he will try to change the meaning of the words. Those who successfully “revise” things in this manner prove themselves to be thieves because this cheats people out of what was theirs. I will expand this fact in order to show that arrogant centralized authority serves as a confusion mechanism which leads people away from God.

The nation of Israel was established as a theocracy when one man, Abraham believed God and was passed on to his descendants through inheritance. This seems more legitimate than God assembling people and having them vote 53 to 47 percent to have Him rule over them. Many Old Testament laws concerned individuals and private property rights. Could one of the reasons God instituted Jubilee (Leviticus 25) where property reverted back to the family that originally owned it be that He wanted the power that came with owning property vested in the many rather than the few? Did God oppose Israel having a king like the pagan nations had (1st Samuel 8) because He thought centralized power vested in fallen men to be an evil?

In the 119th Psalm, David equates God's law as His Word and as truth. We know that Israel generally hated and rebelled against the law throughout its history. When God's begotten Word became flesh, (John 1:14) nothing changed. The Israelites, led by the elite of their day continued to hate God's Son just like they had throughout most of their history. If they had been seeking the truth, they would have had to suppress their false notions that their Messiah was to deliver them from the Romans. Instead of being caretakers of God's law and handing over the reigns to their promised king, the Jewish leaders arrogantly sought to suppress Him by putting Him on trial lawlessly so they could maintain their power. In their lawlessness, Christ had to subject Himself to their false ideas rather than fulfill the law if He wanted to be deemed their Messiah!

The early American distrust of government officials should be evident to all who study United States history and its Constitution. It was commonly understood that Federal government officials were to be stewards of our Constitution and not to have authority in and of themselves. The main reason we were given three branches of government is so a branch could be suppressed if they violate the constitution. State governments were represented in the Senate and there was a doctrine called nullification if that all wasn't enough. This was supposed to protect people from government abuses. In short, the government was to protect its citizens from invasion and to be a referee between parties under its jurisdiction. That changed quickly when the Supreme Court declared that it had the final authority on interpreting what was constitutional and was not seriously challenged. Today, although we are supposedly still under the constitution which limits federal power, it is the federal government officials who get to decide when those powers have been violated. It seems that our government does everything except what was delegated to it in the constitution.

Our current government evangelists preach that our constitution must be a “living, breathing document” to allow more “good” to take place on behalf of the people. The amendment process is too taxing for them. Generally, they desire government to be the be all and end all; an entity unto itself. They can't have a majority of people believe that their fluid view of our law has in effect nullified it out of existence. According to them, we the people are not supposed to discriminate or think for ourselves by recognizing what is truly around us. We ought to first filter everything through the propaganda that they dish out. They want to do all of our thinking for us. We are not supposed to bring to light the abuses brought on by our government. People who do the best job at this against corrupt governments have gotten labeled enemies of the state and have been murdered throughout history.

Early Americans understood property and personal responsibility because they did not have “safety nets” like we do today. They themselves mostly bore the burden of their vices and reaped the reward for their industriousness and frugality. A lot of them understood that the only way their government could receive more power is for it to be taken away from them.

Many people currently do not understand property and responsibility. Today, our politicians try to deny the laws of scarcity and to obtain increased power through ruses. Our Federal Government gives fiat money, social security, insurances, bailouts, welfare, unemployment and other unconstitutional “benefits” which shield people from reality and transfer wealth unjustly. Even if we consider social security as something that is paid into, we have to realize that the money has already been spent (stolen) and the program simply takes money from working people and gives it to the retired. These things enable people to transfer their shortcomings to the “system” and delay thinking about the consequences until the whole thing falls apart.

If sin is debt owed to God for damaging what is His, discussing the need for salvation in private property and personal responsibility terms would seem to be appropriate. These concepts are getting more difficult to grasp for some because they believe governments when they declare there is no such thing as personal responsibility (except maybe for our duties to government) and seek to change the meaning of words to suit their purposes. Both Israel and our country should serve as examples of law being turned on its head in arrogance. I believe that many people need to be brought out of the deceptions and cocoons of the government road in order for them to understand their need for salvation.  


“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” Galatians 6:7 NASB