Global Warming LLC

Striving to start as a niche retail heating oil company.


The Vision


The initial plan is to purchase and to continue operating a small, family owned, retail heating oil company and emphasize quality service over price because of the skewed retail market.  In other words, we will serve a niche market.


Global Warming LLC will deliver heat to its customers.  The first rule of the company will be "Never let a paying customer run out of fuel!"   All work performed will be done in a manner that we would want it done in our own homes.


1. Since good customer service utilizes preventative measures to eliminate problems, Global Warming LLC will work tirelessly to minimize heating system breakdowns of its customers. The value of this philosophy must be stressed to present and potential customers.

2. Since half of all oil heat heating system breakdowns occur because of fuel related problems, the company will only deliver pure heating oil (no bio-fuels) and use additives to decrease preventable no-heat situations.

3. With all other things being equal, loyal customers will get better rates for products and services than new customers.

4. In order to build value in the minds of our customers, before and after video of work performed will be made available where appropriate.

5. After purchasing new heating equipment or energy saving devices, customers would receive periodic cost savings analyses based on the rate of energy usage of their new equipment compared with their old system.